I've lost all sugar cravings, and why that's a bad thing

. 1 min read

During the past few weeks, I've quietly dropped all delicious things from my diet. First, I quit sugar, then rice, then red onion. The narrower my diet has become, the more delicious everything I do eat tastes, and so, in order to suffer, I tend to cut even those out.

Just last weekend I was making scrambled eggs with chicken and decided that it was too delicious, so I had to cut the chicken.

Now, all I eat is eggs and tuna and a little shrimp. (And butter, obviously.) I haven't had beef for a while but I'm sure that if I had some now, I'd immediately decide that it was too delicious and cut it out.

What's more, I try to think about all the Christmas chocolates that I get to eat in a couple of weeks' time, but I feel nothing. No desire to eat them. No craving for them. Nothing.

What if I've completely and irrevocably weaned myself off sugar?

I know I already experienced this phenomenon last year. And last year, just forcing myself to eat chocolates for a couple of days reset my taste buds to sugar. I'm fairly confident that this will happen this year, too, but I wish I didn't have to have that reintroduction period of forcing myself to eat them before I can enjoy them.

After all, chocolates and sweets and unregulated hedonism are a major part of my Christmas vacation.

Someone might say that it's a good thing that I don't need sugar to feel good anymore. And that someone might be right. But in my mind, thus far at least, a Christmas without chocolates is a different kind of Christmas.

Maybe, if I have a little carbs in the form of rice and red onion, the sugar cravings will come back, just in time?


P.S. Luckily, I still crave monster sandwiches.