Keto menu for a Saturday morning brunch

. 2 min read

Good news - I'm hosting a brunch today! Simple yet delicious food, alcohol-free punch, coffee, tea, and a screening of The Good Dinosaur in the library. (Yes, I have a library at home. It's small - less than 100 ft2 - but it's exactly like I want it.)

But enough of square feet and dinosaurs - let's talk about the food! The best part of this brunch menu is that two of the dishes you can prepare ahead on the previous night. I also managed to tweak the food so that it not only tastes great for all the guests, but also fits into my keto diet, without anyone particularly noticing the dishes are keto-friendly. Mind you, the menu is not vegan, though.

Without further ado, here's the menu:

For mains:

  • a large bowl of salmon salad | salmon, fresh spinach, fresh kale, cabbage, black olives, pumpkin seeds, sundried tomatoes; olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice; optional chickpea fusilli for extra protein (not keto) | can be prepared ahead
  • green bean and egg bake | eggs, green beans, sauteed fresh spinach, chopped onion; salt, pepper, garlic; optinal cherry tomatoes, halved; in a greased pan, 200 C / 390 F for 15 to 20 minutes or until the egg has settled | serve in slices, with a chunk of butter on top
  • simple deviled eggs | hard-boiled eggs, halved; salt and pepper; mayonnaise (optional)
  • toast with a selection of toppings | toast recipe from, butter, cheese, reindeer salami or ham, fresh spinach, cucumber, avocado | you can also have regular bread at hand for non-keto people

For dessert:

  • brownies and ice cream | brownie recipe also from, self-made keto ice cream, for example this, or store-bought (I bought chocolate-flavoured Nick's (a sugar-free brand)) | serve separately or a ball of ice cream on top of a brownie piece | brownies should be prepared ahead, they REALLY enhance their structure and flavour overnight in the fridge

For beverages:

  • tea and coffee
  • cranberry punch | strong cranberry juice, carbonated water, lemon or lime juice, ice cubes | garnish with frozen blackcurrants or other berries of choice | easy to whip up just before serving

For the presentation, put everything on one table, put the forks and napkins in a mug, and if the food cannot fill the table, you can decorate the rest of the table so it looks presentable.

And don't forget to screen a movie.