Last Day at Work

. 1 min read

There's literally only one thing left to do. One thing. And then, the year's work is done, and I'll get to have a real holiday.

Last year, I started my December holiday on December 1st, and to be honest, I feel like it was a good decision to shorten my holiday this year by a week. It seems like I'm more busy and will have less time to do all the Christmas preparations I have ahead of me. Somehow, it makes it all more special, the shortage of time. I won't have any time to get bored, because I'll have only about three weeks to watch every movie on my movie list, build the Lego Hogwarts, make Christmas cards and send them, wrap gifts, make rutabaga casserole, watch Parks and Recreation and The Office, visit family, decorate trees... and the most important thing: just sit in silence, doing nothing.

All that is here. Mine. Within my reach.

As long as I finish that one last thing - the only thing on my to-do list for today.

And then, I'll listen to Angels from the Realms of Glory and bask in the feeling of having pulled off something I never thought possible... knowing that if I could do this, I can do anything in 2022.