Life is seriously good

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It visits me from time to time - abruptly, it's there, and it surprises me in a way that's pleasant - the feeling: life is seriously good. I wonder, if it moved to my head permanently and constantly, if I would get numbed by the feeling and it would no longer be able to joy me. Immediately I wonder if that has already happened.

But it doesn't matter, for whatever joy I already have cannot stop a higher level from surprising me again. I must believe that there is no upper limit, and that all that is needed is an open door.

Life is seriously good.

All struggle - temporal. All suffering - shallow. All obstacles - opportunities, the path to something more wonderful.

The cup of americano I just finished: delicious, a real pleasure.

The mathematical formula that inspired my next book: inexhaustible genius.

The bullet journals I use to write down and analyze and struture ideas: handy beyond comprehension.

My health: superb and gratitude-inducing.

My home: perfectly comforting.

My routines: self-made and effective.

My work: my purpose.

Life is seriously good.

Everything works, everything is either enjoyable or a path to the better. Or both.

The world is your playground, your sandbox. It's there for you to build your castles, according to your vision and desire.

Go crazy.


Photo by pure julia on Unsplash