Life Is Uncertain, So Have Everything Goes Days

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Ernestine Ulmer said:

Life is uncertain; eat dessert first.

And in case you don't eat dessert, even second, Will Tennyson said:

Life is uncertain, so just have dessert for breakfast.

Therefore I'm now planning the breakfast of my next everything goes day around whipped cream filled donuts, red velvet cake, carrot cake, white chocolate, and a massive Häagen-Dazs bowl, extra cheesy pizza to be enjoyed later.

Back in 2018, I used to have an everything goes day about once a month, and boy would I enjoy life on those particular days. Since then I've had my quota of delights more regularly, sometimes even daily, like in spring 2021. Nowadays I eat fairly strictly for health reasons, allowing one out-of-the-ordinary meal a week.

But I'm thinking of bringing the everything goes day back. Instead of having one special meal per week, I'd allow one entire day every three weeks or so. Outside that one day, I'd eat according to my strict health diet.

The pros of having an everything goes day once every three weeks are quite excellent:

  1. As one day never makes much of a difference in the long run, you keep your health while enjoying life.
  2. You get to miss the delights between two consecutive everything goes days, and therefore, you'll appreciate them more and they'll taste better and more scrumptious.
  3. As one day is probably enough to reset the resentment you begin to feel towards your disciplined life during three weeks, you'll get an optimal order-chaos / life-death pendulum swing. The best of both worlds!

(The cons are nonexistent.)


P.S. All right, one con could be that you might start to obsess over food. But that's highly unlikely. Highly. Right?