List the things you absolutely LOVE doing

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Have you noticed that the seasons (if there are more than one of them wherever you live) affect your mood and overall productivity? For me, summer definitely has an effect on me. I'm less productive. One or more of the things the season does - be it vitamin D or the rising temperature or the humid air - makes me less optimistic about life. Literally everything gets better once the season ends and fall begins. (My favorite season, fyi.)

That is why it's especially important for me in the summer to remind myself of the things I absolutely love to do and the things that inspire me to develop myself and my company even during this hellish season. Because who knows what would happen if I didn't. I might descend into chaos or some other Petersonian voodoo.

If this is the case for you as well - even if the season that affects you negatively isn't summer but one of the others - then I recommend you try this exercise.

List all the things, items, objects, actions, pastimes, activities, that you absolutely LOVE.

You can do this by hand or on your computer. For the sake of the example, I shall write my list here in an electronic form.

The Things I Absolutely LOVE,

in no specific order

  1. Sitting by my desk in my office doing WIP.
  2. Having scotch in a bar with my partner, talking about whatever pops into our heads - usually psychology or philosophy.
  3. Taking a break in my backyard after a morning run, looking down into the valley.
  4. Driving through countryside with forests and lakes and devouring the scenery with my eyes.
  5. Swimming in the sea.
  6. Having coffee and chatting with my sister in a cafe.
  7. Lying on my back on a rug, meditating.
  8. Sewing.
  9. Writing.
  10. Walking in the rain in the fall.
  11. Anything Christmas! Buying gifts, wrapping gifts, giving gifts, the carols, the cooking, the decorating, the sitting-by-the-fireplace-watching-Harry-Potter-Rooms-ASMR-drinking-eggnog.
  12. Making visual plans on how to become a better person and develop my life.

There - the first 12 that came to mind. Obviously my list - and I suppose yours as well - is longer in reality. Also I realize I only included activities in the list above. But you can list everything! Activities, foods, objects, people, anything! Keep the list at hand so you can review it and add items as you go through life.

Have a lovely day!