Little Dreams at the Moment

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So anywho -

I was listening to some random podcast earlier - as I was doing other things simultaneously, I didn't even register half of the content - but one thing at the very end struck me: after talking about their big life dreams for half an hour, the commentators shared their current small dreams.

Small dreams! What a genius idea!

I think I always talk about grand dreams and grand goals, because if you don't dream big, you will never achieve anything big. What silly me! I have completely neglected the small things that make life sweet!

So instead of planning and dreaming years and decades ahead (and get depressed by the extended timeline), let's dream for the near and immediate future!

I dream of a delicious Toast Skagen (a Swedish dish with prawn salad on a piece of bread).

I dream of a successful family visit, a fun road trip, exquisite champagne, and getting ready for September work-wise.

I dream of procuring new fall attire, cooking orange-colored dishes, swimming in the sea, and walks in the rain with takeaway coffee.

I dream of upgrading my home decor, coming home in a storm after a long day at the office, a kick-ass Halloween party, and dreaming of Christmas.

I dream of feeling both exhausted and euphoric in the night when November turns into December; having rutabaga casserole every day; Christmas themed ASMR videos; and going to see The Nutcracker ballet. (To name a few. The list seemed to go forever so I had to cut it short.)

What are your little dreams at the moment?