Little joys in life

. 3 min read

Life is full of little joys. Sometimes, if you have a lot going on and/or are under a lot of stress, those joys may be hard to notice. I've been able to resume my hobby of morning runs for a month now (after what seems like an infinitely long and slippery winter) and with that I've also continued my old habit of sitting on a cliff on my back yard after the run, catching my breath and listening to the sounds of nature. These past two days there have been a lot of birds there - and all of them talking at the same time as if they were having a bird-con or something. And it's wonderful!

This reminds me to remind myself of the little joys in life. You have your own list of course, and the list that follows has some of my favourite joys in life. Perhaps you can identify with some of them! (Note: I left out all sexual joys for PG-rating.)

  1. Dachshunds
    These are the only dogs I know that are cute both as puppies and as grown dogs. They are so small and clumsy! They walk funnily! They have difficulties keeping up with larger dogs! They are so interested in the world! My heart melts every time I see one.

  2. Sunshine (not the creepy movie)
    I used to disregard the importance of sunshine and vitamin D for so long - mainly because I dislike hot and sunny summers so whole-heartedly - but perhaps there's something there, especially after a long and dark winter. I like dark autumns and dark springs, but it seems that a sunny day every now and then, as long as it's a cold(ish) day, can really turn your mood around.

  3. Rain
    This may sound like I'm talking too much about weather, but hey, I like weather! Rain is my absolute favourite thing about it. And wind. And storms. Rain in the summer can be super refreshing, and rain in the autumn is the perfect combo. Rain in the spring washes all the remaining snowbanks away. There's really no downside to rain.

  4. Cooking a bowl of your favourite comfort food for yourself, covering yourself with a blanket, and watching a good movie
    Who doesn't like this scenario? Since I'm meat-based nowadays, my ideal comfort food is a large bowl of spicy ground beef and bacon with homemade mayonnaise. (My usual breakfast, mind you.) Covering yourself with a blanket gives you extra sense of security, and a good movie is always good, obviously. I like to do this alone since then I can choose the movie myself without consulting anyone else. A guilt-free pleasure if there ever was one!

  5. Sparkling wine with blackberries on a hot day
    This may not exactly be a good idea since alcohol and sweating don't go well together, but what the heck. I've been fantasizing since January about spending the summer in the balcony, drinking sparkling rose with blackberries. The image is straight out of a Riviera life stereotype, but it gives me joy. Chances are, though, that I'll find something better to do.

  6. Taking a roadtrip and listening to an appropriate music mix
    Roadtrips are so great! You're moving fast from one place to another, creating the illusion for your subconscious that you're also moving forward in life (when, in fact, the exact opposite is true). My scenario also includes a large cup of takeaway coffee from a gas station (usually tastes terrible) and Pure Shores by All Saints.

  7. Falling asleep when you're really tired
    What could possibly feel better than falling asleep when you've worked your butt off all day and finally go to bed feeling both exhausted and happy that you got so much done? Finishing tasks and projects is the most wonderful feeling I know, and falling asleep knowing you've deserved it after you've given your all is probably next. If there ever was a good piece of advice about how to organize your day, it's this: make sure you finish things. The rest will take care of itself.

Now, as I mentioned, this is only my list, and only a part of it. I don't think you can ever create a full list of the little joys in life. But I recommed you write down a list of your own today. What have you done or noticed lately that made you appreciate life? What has given you joy? Try to add more of those in your life. You just might increase your positivity, productivity, gratitude, and joyfulness, just to name a few.