Make today count

. 2 min read

Got up on the wrong side of the bed? Ate something you were supposed to avoid? Don't feel like working today?

I don't care. MAKE TODAY COUNT!

Even if it's 11.55 pm and you're tired and you've wasted all day watching YouTube videos or done anything else but the things that would progress your life, it doesn't matter. Do something, no matter how small, right away, before you go to bed - something you should do yet haven't done all day. Make today a piece in the growing puzzle. Make today count.

You just woke up? Good! Make today count. Devote your entire day to your thing - you know what I'm talking about, that thing that speaks to you from somewhere within, that something you can't explain, that something that nags at you when you're lying in bed at night if you haven't done anything to honor it all day. Trust me, you don't want it nagging at you. Once you know what it's like not to have it nag at you, you never want to go back. So if the entire day is ahead of you, good! Devote your day to your thing, and avoid the nag! Make today count!

If you don't do anything today to fulfill your purpose, you're basically teaching your subconscious that it's okay to waste your life. Does that sound like something you want to teach your subconscious? MAKE TODAY COUNT!

Just do it! What could you do right now, even if you only had 5 minutes to do it? I bet something came to mind. And if you had 12 hours? I bet something came to mind. And if you had five weeks? Half a year? Three years? Fifty years, three weeks, one day and 7 hours?

I bet something came to mind!

Stop thinking you need to use all your talents. That's just Resistance trying to stop you from realizing your true purpose. Choose one talent - the one that comes most naturally to you - and do something to progress it, develop it, or realize it, today.

Make today count.