Making the world a better place

. 1 min read

So I had this idea - or, rather, a question - or rather, a series of questions:

If you could make the world a better place, would you?

Would you do it if it was hard?

Would you do it if all it required was you to do what comes naturally?

Making the world a better place seems like a lot to handle. It also seems like something no one can ask of you. It sure is not your responsibility. But you could do it. And maybe your life would get more meaningful.

While it sounds scary, and perhaps a little too much to wrap your head around, all you need to do is pick one random thing and figure out if you could do something to help. Most likely something popped into your head already. If it's something you're good at or something that comes naturally to you, then great. (Imagine a world where everyone did what they're good at or what comes naturally to them.)

Because guess what? You're good at something. Multiple things, actually. You could make a list of them. And maybe you could write next to each item on that list how you could realize that potential within you to make the world a better place. Something actionable. Not just money.

I know I sound a little more hippie than usual, but I'm actually not saying all this from a make-love-not-war ideology. I simply think the idea of doing something that makes you think you're bettering the world is good for your own mental health. I care more about myself as an individual than I do about the world.

But who says it cannot be a non-zero sum game?

Maybe I'm an idealist, but it sounds like the most percetly natural thing - that when people do what they're good at, when people are happy and lead meaningful lives, the world becomes better. And a better world creates happier people and more meaningful lives. And so on.

Ach, there must be something in the water.