Meat cured my annoyance without delay

. 1 min read

Newsflash: meat heals.

I should have anticipated this. But I didn't, for some reason. So this becomes another thing on my list of things I should have seen coming.

Anyway, some context for the rambling above: today, a couple of hours ago, I noticed myself becoming irritated by everything. Some particular thoughts took over my mind - thoughts that are nothing on a regular day - and I became incessantly annoyed. Life became dull, like no worthy goal existed anymore. I resigned to wait it out, blaming hormones, and made a mental note to check those not-usually-annoying thoughts some time later, when the hormones would have dissipated.

Then I went to make some ground beef and ate it. Out of curiosity, I decided to check with the thoughts right away. And ta-da, they weren't annoying me at all anymore. I found them silly, and I found myself silly for being so sensitive to such stupid things. Then I took a step further and thought about life - and, of course, dullness and pointlessness were gone, and worthy goals emerged from the fog.  

You might think that I was just hungry. But I had already eaten plenty of eggs earlier. So that wasn't it.

It was the meat, with plenty of meat fat, and butter on top.


P.S. This also completely demolishes my old theory of four daily eggs being the baseline for staying mentally healthy.