My End of the Deal

. 1 min read

A few weeks ago, I asked God to remove as many of the covid related restrictions in my area as he could, promising that I would take full advantage of all the new possibilities that this would create.

Then I forgot having asked that.

And then, out of the blue, most restrictions were suddenly removed: restaurants, the public pool, and movie theaters opened, coffee shops no longer required vaccination certificates, the ballet announced the spring shows, and the casino prolonged its opening hours.

And I remembered our deal.

So now, I have no choice but to honor my end of it. I'm going to the pool four times a week. I'm buying tickets to the ballet. On Friday, I'm going to the casino. I eat lunch out in a restaurant every other day, and I have dinner out at least once a week. I stay at hotels, I go to work and read in cafes, and I suppose I'll go see Death on the Nile in theater.

After all, I have no choice.

I have to do what I said I would.

And what's more, I think I'll immensely enjoy holding up my end of the deal.

Thank you, God. You're the best.