My go-to guacamole recipe!

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Hi guys and happy new week! It's Monday, and instead of feeling Monday blues, I suggest you try feeling Monday greens - with guacamole! I'm going to do something I've never done before - share my go-to guacamole recipe here on WIP. This recipe is a killer. Every time I taste the salsa I remember why it's so awesome to be alive. So here goes! Prepare yourself!

RK's go-to guacamole

for one or two

1 large ripe avocado
a handful of fresh kale (optional)
the juice of half a lemon or according to taste
2 cloves of garlic
chilli flakes, according to taste
cold water, optional, according to texture
salt, optional, to taste

Add all the ingredients except the water to a blender or a small food processor. Pulse until a desired texture is achieved, adding the water and adjusting the seasoning if needed.

The guacamole (or avocado salsa as I call it) is awesome with oven roasted vegetables and chicken or salmon. You can also make avocado toast with it. Nachos can't live without it, and red lentils can be lifted to another level with this on top. Served with chilli con carne? Yes, absolutely! Note that you can wing pretty much all the ingredients and their respective amounts in the recipe (for example, fresh red chilli pepper works beyond mindblowingly in the salsa, just skip the garlic), but leaving out the lemon juice and not replacing it with another citric acid makes the avocado turn brown faster and thus the salsa starts to look rather unappealing. So make sure there's some sort of citrus juice in there and you're good.