My Ultimate Monster Sandwich recipe

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I was writing down a grocery store shopping list for Wednesday yesterday when I realized that this year, apparently, I'm not going overboard at all. The list turned out relatively short, even after my partner's input, which was also relatively short. Last year, I think I wanted everything from burgers to several different types of sandwiches to pizza to ice cream sundaes to cake and cookies and whatnot. This year, all I seem to want is a monster sandwich and a piece of cake. (And maybe nachos.)

What the hell is this?! Who am I and what have I done to RK?

One reason could be that I'm eating plenty of beef every day this year, whereas last year, I spent the last days of November starving eating only eggs and butter. But meat is highly satiating, both physically and mentally, so I'm not really fantasizing about food this time. (Though I do have dreams where I've forgotten all about my November rules and accidentally eat some sugar.)

I am excited, though. Especially about the monster sandwich.  Speaking of which:

My Ultimate Monster Sandwich Recipe

dark and hard rye bread
cognac mustard
full fat cream cheese
iceberg lettuce
cheese of choice
turkey cold cuts
semi-hard boiled egg, sliced
cucumber, sliced
red bell pepper, sliced
pea shoots, to garnish, optional

Lightly toast the bread in a toaster and smear with the next three ingredients, in order, in desired quantities. Pile remaining ingredients, in order, on top, in desired quantities. Wrap in a piece of baking paper and tie with jute twine for aesthetics. Serve.  

You're welcome.


P.S. I also have an Ultimate Monster Salad recipe. But more of that later.