New identity sustainment strategies

. 1 min read

The new awesome girl who came back from the Caribbean - I want to keep her. She seems cool and confident. She has high self-esteem. She doesn't attach emotional value to facts. She doesn't worry about petty things. She's strategic about big things and goes after them fearlessly.

To keep her around (before she fades into the background of the comfort zone of the old girl), here's my plan:

  1. Get a new haircut and color. (Check. Just came from the hairdresser. Blunt cut, ice queen shade.) Effect: new girl in the mirror.
  2. Discontinue Netflix. Check. (Out with the old habits!)
  3. New home decor. Still working on this, but new fabrics should do most of the heavy lifting. Effect: new environment to sustain new habits. (Old environment cues old habits.)
  4. New office decor. Not sure how to do this strategically, since I already love my office to death. But perhaps I'll add mirrors or switch up the art. Effect: same as above, but with the added benefit of enforcing my publisher identity.
  5. Get new clothes or throw away old ones. Fall is the perfect time to invest in some knits, so I'll do that. I also need new, darker jeans. And black ankle boots. Effect: look and feel new in my very skin.
  6. New habits, new diet, new workout regime, new books to read - everything I can think of. Keep doing bold things.
  7. Joe Dispenza's meditation technique. Let's rewrite the self!

If the above won't do it, I don't know what will.