Not everything you do has to make money

. 2 min read

They say that the only people making a big deal of money are those who don't have it. And while there surely are individual exceptions, I totally agree with the statement. Those who have money don't make their entire life revolve around it, partly because they don't have to, and partly because they have better things to do. (Surely there are individual exceptions to this as well.)

You probably have a hobby or a project or something else you're passionate about, something that doesn't, as of today at least, make any money. Do you think you should give it up, just because it's a waste of time financially? And if you did drop it and focus that time on something that does make money, would your enthusiasm towards life increase or decrease? Having a hobby that you truly enjoy doing could easily be the sole reason you make it through a paying job you dislike.

I was watching KuruHS's stream on Twitch yesterday and he mentioned that someone older than him (a family member I think) suggested he do something else with his time - a piece of advice he chuckled at and didn't take seriously. You see, in the stream, Kuru plays the car racing video game Need for Speed, trying to break the world record. He seems to make a good living with the stream, but there is no way he made money the first time he streamed or played the game. He must have played NFS for years and years before creating a Twitch account. And when he finally did create one, he had to keep streaming regularly for quite a while (not sure how long, though) before anyone, let alone masses, started following his work.

So eventually, his hobby became a lucrative job, and whoever it was that tried to make him switch careers didn't know what they were talking about - but that's not the point. The point is that you don't have to make money with every single thing you do.

The causation could go either way: you're poor because you're obsessed about money, or you're obsessed about money because you're poor. However it is, you're both poor and obsessed about money.

Ergo, being obsessed about money will keep you poor; and you should concentrate on becoming really good at something (like Kuru here) and focus on that. The money may come, or it may not - it shouldn't matter because you're not doing it for the money.

Chances are, though, that if you're the best in the world in something, money will find its way to you. But you can't think about it, nor have it as your secret motive - it won't work.

Do whatever you're passionate about. It'll feel better than any amount of money anyway.