Observations about gym flatulists, E.T., God, and the best chocolate in the world

. 1 min read

Hello, I'm back with a fresh and clean set of clothes (you won't know to appreciate it until you're deprived of the chance, I'm telling you), sitting in yet another work environment (the members' lounge of a hotel), making observations about stuff. (To put it gloriously.)

Here are some of those aforementioned observations:

  1. Going to the gym gives you energy, even if a middle-aged guy has farted in said space.
  2. You can't wear summer shoes through winter; lowering your fashion standards for the sake of the health of your feet might be a good idea.
  3. God might give you everything you want. Just ask.
  4. I've never seen the movie E.T. in my entire life. Not even clips. I understand it's about baby Yoda, played by young Drew Barrymore. I need to add this to my Christmas movie list 2022.
  5. Soft chèvre cheese goes incredibly well with ground beef - just throw everything in a bowl with some chopped red onion and deliciousness is guaranteed.  

I also have to mention that I visited a Lindt store yesterday and decided that for Christmas, I need everything they had there. I didn't even know they made those ball-shaped truffles with dulce de leche filling. Or coconut. Or pistachio. Or popcorn. How have I survived without these, I wonder.

But enough about food. Let's observe the psychological lesson of the day, which is:

If you're always the one who moves out of the way of other pedestrians on the street, you're teaching your subconscious a terrible lesson.