Of lambs and lions

. 1 min read

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who lead, and those who follow. And while I could easily be talking about the new vaccine mandate in the US, I'm actually talking more generally.

Some take control, speak their mind, ask for what they want, and go after it; about 1 % of people.

Others stand back, let others decide for them, and only act on their rational self interest if someone else is, by chance, offering it to them; about 99 % of people.

I know a person who only accepts a serving of food if someone forces it on them; if someone asks them if they want a serving of food, they will decline the offer, even if they really wanted to eat - for fear of judgement and criticism.

I get it. It's so much easier to follow than to lead. The leader gets almost of all negative comments and criticism - which, incidentally, come from average people who envy the leader and who think they stand to gain if he steps back from his leader position.

Being one of the 99 %, being average, produces average results, so the question follows: what do you want? Do you want the average, all the things the 99 % have, or do you want the extraordinary, what the 1 % have?

It might sound like I'm pushing the 1 % mentality to everyone, but that's not the case at all. If you don't want extraordinary things, if you prefer safety and anonymity and a life without criticism, then by all means, be a lamb.

And if you want an extraordinary life, do things that no one else is doing. Be a pathfinder. Be a lion. Lambs will start to criticize you, to envy you, and to follow you.

If you can disregard other people's opinions, your chances of success on anything you set out to do will increase dramatically.