Of spirit animals

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Now, I don't want you to get this the wrong way. I'm not one of those hippie people who believe that people's spirits are animals, or that they can talk to birds, or that sitting hand in hand around a campfire will get you closer to the beast within. I also do not want to speak ill of the people who believe in this stuff - who knows, maybe they know something I don't! Nevertheless, I do admit there's one aspect to the concept of spirit animals that pokes my interest in a personal development way.

You see, thinking of your soul as an animal affects your attitude towards things, for sure. Telling yourself you're an ant will subconsciously make you start to think of yourself as insignificant, altruistic, and a communist. Telling yourself you're an eagle will make your subconscious give you ideas about freedom, pride, and integrity. And telling yourself you're a lion will tell your subconscious you're a hunter, the king of the savannah, an authority no one dares to step up against.

There's obviously a mighty difference!

While you can think of these attributes as something a human can also have, it's so much easier to think of them in terms of an animal that has those characteristics naturally, without trying. A lion is a hunter because of it's species, because of its genes, if you will. It doesn't have to think about hunting. It comes automatically.

So, in what kind of animal form would you like to see yourself? Do you reckon thinking of yourself as an insect would help you on your path to whatever you want to achieve? Or would identifying with the characteristics of a wolf be better? Think about your goals in life, what attributes that goal requires from you, find an animal that has those attributes, and start thinking of yourself as that animal. It could make a huge difference.