Okay let's give this helping others thing a shot

. 2 min read

Everybody's said it. Everybody. Don't chase money, chase value, DeMarco said. Help people, Cardone said. You'll get what you give away, some New Age guru said.

I never believed it. I thought it would lead into a dead end. I followed the Fastlane CENTS, but didn't try to solve a problem. I created content for the sake of creating content, not to create value.

Yet it hasn't worked yet. And the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

So let's change the paradigm. From now on I'll just create value and solve problems. I'll do my best not to even think about money. I mean, I have some fuck you money with which I can play and stay alive in case nothing I do brings wealth to me. I might have to sell my Tesla stocks, but hey, it's not that bad. And if I don't make it before the money runs out, I can get a job. I have a university degree, after all.

The individuals in the world aren't going to run out of problems any time soon. Ever, actually. There's always a hole in the ground over which you can build a bridge.

However you may think of yourself, even if you think you have no special skillset, it's not true. You know something most people don't. You can do things most people can't. You have something to give. It's easy to think everyone already knows the things you know - trust me, I've been there - but it's just your lizard brain trying to talk you out of trying something meaningful that isn't required for survival.

Don't just survive. Do something meaningful. Something not expedient.

And if you can't outtalk that lizard brain, pick up a book, read it, and realize you now know something most people don't - and can create value out of it.


P.S. If you need help with changing your mindset - if you feel like a victim or unskilled or any other limiting belief - stay tuned for Worth in Progress mindset development content! It'll be great!

Photo by Emilo Pascual on Unsplash