On color

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Have you noticed that the latest trend in interior design is neutral colors that go well together, like gray, beige, white, off-white, and sometimes millennial pink or black? And the materials - glass and marble and gold? ("Latest" might be the wrong word since I don't remember the time when something else was in in the decor scene.) It seems to me that literally every decor blogger has a home that fits the bill, not to mention what fills the pages of the magazines of the field.

But how is it a home if it's identical to everyone elses? What makes it your place instead of a blunt hotel room?

The picture above is from my office and it features the newly upholstered chair, a H&M pillow I took from the office couch, and the beyond awesome gigantic piece of art that brings a splash of color to my otherwise green-black-beige office. The ensemble looks a little messy - the colors don't go perfectly together, and there's a little dissonance to the eye - but it's my office. It's not a faceless, harmonial blend of colors with no connection to the identity of the owner. By the look of it, it's quite obvious that it's my office, not an IKEA showroom or a crop from a decor magazine.

The bold use of color, even if it makes the eye of an interior designer twitch, is what makes a room feel yours. You can also sprinkle the place with items of personal significance and memories, but the effect will be slighter. Most people like some colors more than others - and while I admit my favourite color is white, I wouldn't use it in everything, only in some highlights to bring out the best of the other colors. Because I also enjoy navy blue and forest green and eggplant purple.

And quite honestly, letting someone else (aka decor bloggers and magazines) tell you what your home should look like only shows you lack spine and identity. This also applies to the way you organize your furniture and other stuff. Don't let anyone say you should put your TV stand here and your sofa there - do it exactly the way you want to do it. It's your home, not theirs. Doing their bidding immediately transforms the place from your place into something outlandish where you can't freely be yourself.

Let your personal touch flow in the places you live in. Use every color you desire. Turn the kitchen table upside down if it fits your vision.

Expression! Life! Vitality!


P.S. It's a whole different matter if you want your home to look expensive instead of individual, in which case I refer to point 4 of this WIP video for tips.