Prepare yourself, autumn in coming

. 1 min read

Soooo I'm a huge autumn person. I love literally everything about autumn. Here's a list of a few things that make autumn so great:

  1. The weather is comfortably cool.
  2. The heat of summer is finally behind us.
  3. Other temperature related reasons.

But wait, there's more:

  1. All things orange (which, incidentally, was my favorite color when I was 8)
    4a. Pumpkins
    4b. Pumpkin pie
    4c. Pumpkin spice lattes
    4d. Tree leaves
    4e. Halloween
    4f. Sundowns
    4g. Sunsets
  2. New projects
  3. The opportunity to "earn" Christmas
  4. Knowing that Christmas is coming
  5. Chilly morning runs
  6. Walking midst colorful trees with a takeaway coffee
  7. The rains and storms (this is a big one)
  8. The feeling of reinventing oneself
  9. Planning Christmas presents and decorations
  10. Other good reasons.

It seems that the summers get harder and harder to bear every year, but somehow, the reward, autumn, gets better and better linearly with the unbearableness of summer. So it's okay. Totally okay. I can handle any summer as long as I know that autumn is coming.

However, not only is autumn a reward for getting through summer, but also it gives you the perfect opportunity to do something great before Christmas (see point 6 above). Three months is plenty of time to finish any project you have. And if you count until Christmas Day, you have 24 days more, so 115 days. Anything can be done in 115 days.

It's long enough to do something big and impactful that definitely makes the relaxation of Christmas feel extra good, but also short enough for you to push yourself to the limit every day without breaks.

So I challenge you to plan a big project for the fall and start September 1st. That gives you 11 days to make a good plan that takes you straight to your goal. And then, grind.

I promise you it's worth it.