Prepare yourself - summer is coming

. 2 min read

I dislike summer. This is probably the gazillionth time I mention this here on WIP. Summers are too hot; you get sweaty; the AC is inadequate; you can't run optimally because of the temperature; clothes feel nasty on your skin; your energy levels are low; you can't work optimally; generally, it's too hot.

The biggest downside of summer, however, has nothing to do with the temperature, at least for yours truly. You see, I get sunstrokes. And not from sunbathing for too long - I get them from simply being a few minutes outside on a sunny day without a hat. This is why, during the summer, I can't go outside without wearing one if the sky is cloudless. I'll get a sunstroke almost immediately, and then I'll spend the evening and all of the next day throwing up and lying in bed with a skull-breaking headache.

The problem is that I never know when the sun starts to be so burning that I become vulnerable to it. It certainly isn't June 1st. It's definitely sometime in the spring already. That's why I've been wearing beanies all spring even if it was too warm for them. Today I wore a cap that doesn't look very good on me but probably saved me from a lot of trouble.

When you're having your morning run, the aesthetics of the hat don't really matter - but if you're trying to be presentable and you have to be outside in the sun? I've tried to find a summer hat that looks good on me with no success. As giving up isn't really my cup of tea, I think I'll just keep looking until I find one.

But hey - I don't want this article to end on a depressing note, so I shall finish with some positive things to look forward to in the summer:

  1. Swimming in the sea.
  2. Ice-cold drinks.
  3. Sun rises early, so can you.
  4. Roadtrips.
  5. Flowers.
  6. Wildlife.
  7. Trees get leaves.
  8. Natural light.
  9. Keeping the balcony door open all day.
  10. Starbucks cold brew.