Quick-to-create Christmas ambiance

. 1 min read

Christmas Eve everybody! Now that you have the gifts (last-minute or procured well in time) and the food (weeks of preparations or quick and easy, it's time to set the ambiance. I have a few sure-to-work tips that guarantee a Christmasy feeling in your house. You probably have other important things to do today, so let's dive right in and keep this article short and to the point.

One: candles. I cannot stress this enough. Candles make at least 85 % of the ambiance. Scented or not, get and light a bunch of them around your house, preferably so that there's no danger of them doing any damage - keep an eye on them or have them inside a lantern, and at all times keep them away from your curtains.

Two: cinnamon buns or rolls. You can get the dough from the store - no need to make it yourself - turn on your oven and bake some. Not only will the scent create the perfect holiday spirit, but also they taste heaven.

Three: music. Put on Christmas carols of your preference. You can use a specific radio channel, or use Youtube, or download the songs in a USB flash drive to plug in your speakers (like yours truly).

Four: fireplace. The cracking sound of a fire is pure magic. If you don't have your own fireplace, don't worry - there are tons of amazing and adequately long fireplace videos on Youtube, like this one.

Five: put on a kettle and warm up mulled wine. Add raisins and almonds and extra ginger or cinnamon if desired. Enjoy alone or in preferred company.

And that's it! No need to put on exhaustive decorations, no need to host a massive dinner party. Do them all or choose your favourites from these five, and ensure a holiday ambiance!


P.S. I wanted to add a Christmas tree to this list but it's not very quick to create. It's sure to work miracles, though.