Every time you explore executions, you also explore quotes | Random Quote Analysis #10

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Here it is - the last part of the Random Quote Analysis article series. It has been a fun ride. The quotes are supposed to be utter nonsense, but we have managed to extract the most philosophical and psychological advice for life from them regardless. I feel a little bit sad for bringing the series to an end. But hey, one more analysis! One more visit to InspiroBot, one more generated quote! Here comes!

Every time you explore executions, you also explore quotes.

The term execution can mean a number of things. Does it refer to corporational operations? Running a line of code? Beheading a doomed man? Doing what you've decided to do? It could be any. One thing is sure, though - exploring means investigating, looking into a matter, particularly executions and quotes in this case. And quotes are, well, quotes. Like the ones the bot generates.

So if the executions refers to corporational operations, the quote suggests that looking into those operations, those everyday actionable decisions, reveals quotes as well. Those quotes are either hidden inside the corporational operations, disclosed only when investigated, or the operations are quotes in themselves. Same applies to the other interpretations of the term executions. So, are running code and beheading and doing what you've decided also hiding quotes under the surface? Or maybe they are quotes themselves?

Quotes are not necessarily advice for life or insightful phrases. Quoting can also mean simply repeating what someone else has said. A phrase can also be a quote if someone repeats it after you've said it first. So, hidden in these operations and codes and beheadings, there are things people have said before, and things people will repeat afterwards. But this isn't saying much. Much more interesting is the idea that operations, codes, and beheadings are quotes in themselves. So, every beheading has happened before; every corporational operation is a copy of an operation occurred previously somewhere else; every line of code run has been run before; every time you do something you've decided to do, that very thing has been done already, by you or someone else.

So much for originality, then?

Perhaps what you should do is investigate these executions in such a way that they become the original quote, not the repetition of something already done or said. That way, you keep the originality to yourself; you can become the trendsetter, the one others mime and quote later. Regard everything you do, be it operating or coding or (beheading or) acting out your convictions, as the beginning of a lasting fashion.

Seeing your executions as original quotes, and acting accordingly, might just change the way both you and the world think of you.


Quote generated and picture captured from InspiroBot.