Listen, as if your therapist was a hunk | Random Quote Analysis #2

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Hello! I hope you're having a fun and witty day. To emphasize the fun and wittiness of your day, we're continuing our fun and witty Random Quote Analysis series here on WIP. You can check out Random Quote Analysis #1 here; let's take quote number 2 into analysis. Here it is.

Listen, as if your therapist was a hunk.

First of all, is this hunk as in a large piece of something? Or hunk as in a muscular guy? We will, of course, cover both.

Listening can be interpreted as physical listening with your ears, i.e. hearing, and mental listening. The overall feeling of the quote suggests we're dealing with the latter. The term 'therapist' is quite straightforward, as a professional who listens to people for a living. This is a very interesting duality. On the one hand, the quote suggests that you listen, and on the other hand, the one doing the talking is apparently the one that usually listens. So, this time around, your therapist talks, and you need to listen.

This could mean either that the therapist is verbally trying to solve a problem of yours - something therapists never do - or that the therapist has something on his heart, something they are telling you, as if you were the therapist in the situation. Are the roles changed, or are you the therapist's therapist?

Then there's the issue of the hunk. You can see it as the therapist, now the patient, being a large piece (of work, of ass, of a complicated organization) that now needs either breaking down into smaller pieces (to stop being a hunk) or putting back into the even larger entity it was broken off from. You have to figure out which one it is - going the wrong way could cause catastrophic consequences.

But if the therapist is a muscular man, and you're into muscular men, the quote simply suggests that you listen your therapist like you would listen someone with whom you were looking forward to sleeping or whom you regarded as a love interest. And if you're not into muscular men, but quite the opposite, then the quote suggests you shut your ears completely and refuse to hear altogether.

However, more than the hunk aspect, you should think carefully the perspective of the changing of the roles. If there's a therapist in the situation, why are you doing the talking? Are you, in fact, a therapist as well, a high therapist perhaps? Or is the therapist lost his professionalism? And if he indeed has, is it because you've been talking too much in the past, or because you've been thinking of the therapist as a hunk?


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