The fact that you are strong, doesn't mean you're not sad | Random Quote Analysis #3

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Continuing this hilarious Random Quote Analysis series, in which I take quotes generated by the artificial intelligence InspiroBot and analyze the stool out of them, we have a new quote to push through the meat grinder! Here it is!

The fact that you are strong, doesn't mean you're not sad.

Oh my, how deep that is. First of all, according to the quote, your strength isn't an assumption. It's a fact. Second, there are two kinds of strengths - physical and mental - and the quote could refer to either one. Thirdly, the second part of the quote is a double negative, which we know can mean basically anything.

Okay, so you're strong. Period. Are you mentally or physically strong? Figure it out. If you're mentally strong, then it means you're better equipped for handling the sadness than average. You can do it. Bear the sadness - you're capable of it. If you're physically strong, you can be sad regardless of your physical strength and the aesthetics that usually accompany it. External beauty don't bring happiness in itself. Remember this the next time you go to the gym and think about the reasons you're going there.

But! "Doesn't mean you're not sad" isn't the same expression as "means you are sad". You can be strong, mentally or physically, and be happy, and the quote would not contradict it. The phrase merely states that you could be sad or not sad if you're strong - meaning, strength does not necessarily make you the opposite of sad automatically. It could even suggest, somewhere between the lines, that your strength is compensating the lack of happiness inside.

So - does the opposite of strength, weakness, bring happiness? Because you don't need to compensate the lack of anything? It doesn't exactly say that either.

Perhaps the quote is trying to say that while becoming as strong as you can is important, you have to take care of your happiness level as well.


Quote generated and picture captured from InspiroBot.