Success is not to deny, but to do the complete opposite | Random Quote Analysis #4

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Random Quote Analysis returns with episode 4. As always, I went on InspiroBot and made it generate a random quote for me to analyze. This time, the bot told me that:

Success is not to deny, but to do the complete opposite.

(And on the background, there's a picture of Adolf Hitler?) This quote seems fairly straightforward. Let's see what we can make of it.

We all know what success means, even if the exact definition varies from individual to individual. So there could be as many ideas of success as there are people, but the quote tells us the one thing success is not: to deny, meaning to reject, to say no, to refuse. In fact, success is suggested to be the antithesis of deny, which could be defined as to allow, to permit, or to admit.

So, in its essence: success is to allow. If you want to succeed in your endeavours, allowing and permitting and admitting is the path to follow. Every time you ask yourself a question, every time you think whether you should be doing something or not, allow yourself to do it. And if you're in an employer position and you have people working for you, allow those people to do whatever they want - the benefits will pour into your pocket, one way of another.

But most importantly, do not deny anything from yourself. If you want something, go for it. Do not say no to your dreams and ambitions. No vision is unreachable. Allow yourself to dream your wildest dreams, and allow yourself to work to achieve your goals.

Unleash the dragon of your imagination! Dream big! Reshape the world in your mind - and then go reshape it in reality!


Quote generated and picture captured from InspiroBot.