Get fought for | Random Quote Analysis #6

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This article series has been so much fun to write. I often notice that even if the quote seems utterly pointless and empty at first sight, I still manage to analyze it - to some extent at least. So a big thanks to InspiroBot for existing and generating interesting quotes for me and all WIP readers.

But this time, let's just say that I'm going to have a hard time.

Get fought for.

Okay, so... I shall suppose that the "get" means like in "get off your butt", or "get grinding" - the quote orders you to do something actively. And then "fought for", present tense "fight for", as in "fight for a cause" or "fight for your life". Okay. I can do this.

The quote suggests you become a person that is worth fighting for - by you or by someone to whom you are worthy. The task is yours - you must work on yourself to become that worthy person - and the rest is up to the people doing the fighting, unless that is you as well. You know you have succeeded in the task when someone fights for you, or when you fight for yourself. The latter option sounds too easy to achieve - after all, you hold the cards, you don't need to wait for someone else to notice your worth - but that's the trick. You wouldn't know yourself if you're already at the worthy stage or not. You kind of need the external fighter to prove you've succeeded.

But then again, as an independent and self-respecting person who doesn't need anyone to validate their worth, you need to be able to do the fighting yourself. There the task divides into two parts - one, you need to work on your value, your abilities, your poise, your self-control, to become a person worthy of fighting for; and two, you need to analyze yourself to find out where you are at the worthy-of-fighting-for scale. Chances are you won't know it yourself, at least not after you start improving yourself, so what you need to do is write down the criteria beforehand, and review that criteria after a certain time has passed. Do you fulfill them? Is there still a long way to go? Or are you nearly there?

When you finally realize your new self fulfills the criteria perfectly, you can start fighting for yourself. This includes not only keeping up with the existing criteria, but also reforming your life, influences, and environment to match your new worth.

Who knows - after you do all this, a number of people may want to do some extra fighting for you as well.


Quote generated and picture captured from InspiroBot.