Sanitize excrement | Random Quote Analysis #8

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It's time for another Random Quote Analysis article! We're already on episode 8, can you believe it? December is going by so fast! As always, I went on InspiroBot and the bot generated a random quote for me. Here it is:

Sanitize excrement.

Okay, well, yeah, sure. I guess this makes sense. Excrement isn't very sanitized in itself, so it makes sense to sanitize it before you do anything with it. But why would you like to do anything with it? Couldn't you just leave the poop in the toilet? Why, oh why do you have to take it out and disinfect it?

For the sake of analysis, let's assume the excrement is metaphorical and means everything from emotional to spiritual to mental waste - the stuff you just need to get out of your psyche or else you'll explode. You vent, you rant, you go kickboxing, you get a voodoo doll with your nemesis's face on it and poke it with a needle. Or you simply decide to forget whatever was bothering you. Whatever it is that you need to get out of your mental system, the quote suggests you desinfect it so that you'll be able to touch it and toss it around without getting any infectious bacteria on your hands. (Because let's face it, you'd forget to wash your hands, and then touch your eyes with those hands, and get pinkeye.)

This turned very psychological all of a sudden.

Whatever troubles you, whatever irritates you, whatever makes you angry in such a way that you need to vent it out, you cannot just dump it there and walk away. You need to sanitize the dump. Because what happens if you don't? The dump will find its way back into your head and infect it. Only if you have sanitized it will you be immune to the bacteria and thus think about the dump without it being able to control your head again.

So instead of just forgetting what bothered you or denying its existence in the first place, admit it was there, then sweep or push it out, and then think about it objectively, with a little distance. It's as if you put plastic gloves in your hands, took the dump on your palm, and sprayed it with some disinfectant. Once it's out of your brain, you can deal with it and develop a controlled and mature attitude towards it. And then, only then, can you leave it there.

Who knew poop could be this philosophical?


Quote generated and picture captured from InspiroBot.