If you are the sexiest hunk in the intimate relationship, you are a slave to the intimate relationship | Random Quote Analysis #9

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Random Quote Analysis article series is drawing towards a close - but there are two more episodes to cover! It's time for episode 9, and I did what I always do: went on InspiroBot and made the artificial intelligence generate a random quote for me. This time, the bot got very philosphical.

If you are the sexiest hunk in the intimate relationship, you are a slave to the intimate relationship.

First of all, since the quote talks about the intimate relationship instead of an intimate relationship, it is given that of all the relationships you have, only one is intimate. Fair enough. But the number of people belonging to that intimate relationship is not limited to two, because the term "the sexiest hunk" could mean the intimate relationship consists of multiple sexy hunks, of which you possibly are the sexiest.

When it comes to the second part of the quote, and here I'm assuming for simplicity reasons that we're still talking about that same intimate relationship as in the first part, is there a connotation to the term slave? Is it intended as positive or negative, or both, or neither? If being a slave is always something to be avoided, then the quote suggests you should avoid being the sexiest hunk in the relationship and do everything in your power to make someone else the sexiest hunk - or, resign from the relationship altogether. But if being a slave is a good thing, something to strive for, then do your best to become and remain the sexiest hunk in the relationship.

Remember, however, that all of this applies only to intimate relationships. If you have no intimate relationship, then you can be as sexy a hunk as you like, and it would make no difference. But the moment you join one, you need to think about this. Are you sexy? Are you a hunk? Do you want to be a slave to the relationship? What is the optimal rank in the sexy hunk scale within the relationship? Figuring this out and maintaining the balance of your position will keep you from finding yourself in obscure situations.

Keep in mind that being a slave is not necessarily a bad thing. Here, for example, if you were the sexiest hunk, you would be a slave to the relationship, not to the other parties of the relationship. Surrendering yourself to the will of the relationship could result in all kinds of good things.

Because god knows what would happen if it was the other way round and the relationship was a slave to you!


Quote generated and picture captured from InspiroBot.