Rule 3: Take Quality In, Put Quantity Out

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Happy Wednesday and welcome back to my new article series, 10 Rules for Life. Today, we're covering rule 3. For rules 1 and 2, check out the articles from yesterday and the day before.

Rule 3 is: take quality in, put quantity out.

And no, there's no typo.

The first part of the rule, taking quality in, applies to all areas of life: the people you include, the entertainment you consume, the food you eat, and so on. Never settle for less than high quality. Whenever you can, choose a high quality option. Prefer art shows over short online videos. Cut out negative people and make new friends, ones who push you higher. Ditch junk food and opt for fresh produce.

By always taking the high quality option, you're teaching your subconscious that you, as a high quality individual, deserve only the best.

Now, you might think that taking quality in would transcend to putting quality out. But here's the problem: laying such emphasis on quality output might paralyze you and lead to inaction. By demanding perfectionism out of yourself, you might never get to doing anything at all! The much, much easier and more practical alternative is to demand quantity out of yourself, regardless of quality.

Because do you know what happens when you constantly produce, accepting output of all quality levels?

Before long, your continuous practice will begin to raise the quality of your output. Completely naturally. Automatically. Without you even noticing it. Your life will become quality in, quality out... and it becomes that because you weren't thinking about it exactly that way.  

It's like The Backwards Law.