Rule 4: Sacrifice Your Life to Your Purpose

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Happy Thursday and welcome back to my 10 Rules for Life article series. You can find the earlier installments by clicking the "10 Rules for Life" tag at the end of this article. But now, let's discuss rule 4, which is:

Sacrifice your life to your purpose.

This goes beyond the "keep busy" of rule 1. You see, it's not enough that you have random projects that cater to whatever you fancy that week. It's important to also figure out what you want to do with your life, and then go do that.

And when I say "go do that," I mean go and make sure you die empty - that you leave no potential inside you - that you do whatever it takes to sacrifice your life to that purpose, that you pour it all out of yourself, to the furthest extent you possibly can.

This is the ultimate sacrifice, and it will make your life meaningful.

So whatever it is that you want from life, or whatever you want to give, any legacy you want to leave, any immortalization project you wish to build - figure it out, and then give your entire life as payment.


P.S. And by "your entire life" I mean continuous effort. You are allowed to have hobbies and friends and a family and other fun stuff. As long as you give your life  - continuous, regular, honest effort - to your purpose.