Rule 6: Don't Make Life Unnecessarily Hard

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Happy Monday and welcome back to my 10 Rules for Life article series. (It's like the Ten Commandments in the Bible, only more profound.) For the first five installments, published last week, click the tag at the end of this article.

Today, it's time to cover rule 6, which is: don't make life unnecessarily hard.

And right away I have to emphasize the word unnecessarily. Bold and italics. You see, necessary hardship is necessary. It keeps you sane. You should make your life necessarily hard.

What you don't need to do is obsess over stuff that doesn't matter. For example, is it really that important to you that your partner hangs up their clothes into the closet at the end of each day? It's their clothes, not yours, and trying to change someone's default modus operandi is so much harder than changing your own mindset about the matter.

Trying to change anyone else in general adds unnecessary hardships to your life; change yourself instead.

Beating yourself up over something that's over and done with is also pointless.

Trying to have the final word on everything is also pointless and will cause more harm than good.

If something isn't all that important to you - realize that it isn't, and let it go.

Then you can focus on the stuff that is important to you.