Rule 7: Be Generous

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Happy Tuesday and welcome back to my 10 Rules for Life article series. The previous six rules can be found on the site. Today, we're moving on to rule 7, which is:

Be generous.

Nothing cripples your mind like an overwhelming (though not real) sense of scarcity, so whatever you can do to get its opposite - abundance - do it. Being generous helps you convince your subconscious that the world is abundant; that you'll never run out of anything you give away; that the more you give, the more you receive.

There are infinite ways to be generous. You can give money to charities. You can volunteer and thus be generous with your energy. You can be generous with your time and attention with a worried friend or family member. You can be generous with your love, your work, your talent, your prayers, your good will.

Give a lot, and you'll receive a lot.

Go abundance!