Rule 9: Change Your Mind

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Hello, yellow, happy Thursday and welcome back to my 10 Rules for Life article series that's not at all inspired by any Biblical or Petersonian list of similar nature. We're progressing towards the end of the list, as today we're covering rule 9! So let's cut straight to the chase.

Rule 9 is: change your mind.

Obviously I don't mean to change your mind randomly from one state to another. (I now decide to prefer green over blue.) I mean, of course, that you should change your mind strategically, from an unbeneficial way of thinking to a beneficial one.

If you have a habit of thinking that you can't do something; that you're just not good at certain things; that you shouldn't even try; then do everything you can to unlearn those patterns and replace them with thoughts that encourage you; that you can do whatever you want to do; that you can learn to become good at anything; that to try is always better than to regret later.

If you have a habit of always seeing the negative in everything (and if you think this habit is not beneficial to you), then do everything you can to start seeing the positive in everything.

The absolute truth is that you can change your mind to operate in any automatic, default way of thinking, and you should definitely take advantage of this absolute truth.

How wonderful it would be if you always assumed the best possible outcome, believed you could succeed in any venture, and saw the good and the beautiful all around? How happy and inspired and fulfilled would you be if that somehow was your default state?

In a nutshell: growth mindset. You can change for the better if you think you can.

Practically speaking: notice the way you speak to yourself and how you react to stimuli, and actively work to speak and react in a more beneficial way. In time, it'll come automatically.