Season tier list

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It's only November 20th - so technically, it's still autumn - but we're having tons of snow already where I live. And I love it. I don't think I've ever loved winter as much as I seem to love it now. Perhaps I'm still traumatized by last summer, or perhaps my love for the dark, wet, and cold world is finally transferring over from autumn to winter as well.

Therefore and without further ado, here's my season tier list:

  1. Autumn.
  2. Winter.
  3. Spring.
  4. Summer.

Spring used to be higher on the list. About fifteen years ago, it was tied for first with autumn. Now, with the bored depression I get during the warmer months, it has been effectively demoted.

But why am I not bored and depressed in the winter? Is it just the dark and cold that's lifting my spirits, or is there something else? I reckon that part of the credit goes to the subconscious idea that during the cruel winter weather, existence is reduced to mere survival. And if all your efforts go towards surviving, there's no energy left to waste on something as non-essential as depression.

Anyway, looking at the tier list, it seems like it's all downhill from here.