Self-concept is the game changer

. 2 min read

Good news: there's a new hack that can help you become, attract, achieve, have anything you want. It's a huge hack. It's not easy, but if you do it right, it can effect quick and massive changes in your life.

The hack is changing your self-concept. Self-concept is everything.

Self-concept means the way you see yourself. If you want to be attractive, but don't consider yourself attractive, you will act as if you weren't attractive, and thus you won't be attractive.

If you want to become a big time CEO, but don't see yourself as one, you will never act in such a way as to become one.

Whatever you want to be, have, achieve, or attract, you have to start seeing yourself as someone who is, has, achieves, or attracts it. You have to start seeing yourself as someone to whom the thing you desire is an everyday, ordinary thing.  

The reason you lack the thing you desire is because you haven't considered yourself as someone who can have it, and have it with ease.

To change your self-concept, you have to pay attention to how you see yourself, and actively change the way you see yourself in the direction of what you want.

If you can imagine someone having the things you want, you should be able to imagine yourself like that.

Practically speaking: pay attention to how you speak to yourself and what kinds of thoughts enter your head all the time. Catch the ones that enforce the wrong self-concept and correct them. Visualize those wrong thoughts as a little kid who speaks too loudly or picks his nose: you have to snap him out of it for him to learn good manners.

Brainwash yourself with visualized meditation sessions and affirmations. Start dressing and putting yourself together so that your appearance is in line with your desired self-concept. Quit habits that contradict the new concept. Take several breaks during the day to just sit in silence and imagine yourself as the person who has everything you want. Observe: how does he behave? What does he look like? What kind of a voice does he speak with?

To become a successful businessman, you need to start seeing yourself as someone who has the attributes of a successful businessman.

To become attractive, you need to start thinking of your physical appearance as the ultimate beauty standard.

To become confident, you need to start seeing yourself as someone who trusts himself to handle anything life could bring.

You cannot convince the world until you convince yourself.