Some days you just need to take it easy

. 2 min read

Hi guys and happy Monday! I hope you're having a great day and looking forward to the week. I myself woke up this morning with a banging headache that couldn't be deported by ibuprofen. I jogged to the office, tried to work a little on a new project, yet nothing seemed to work, and decided to call it a day.

Is this a good mentality? Giving up after only a few hours' worth of trying?

I used to - and still do - think that you can, with practice, control the way you feel and think in a situation. You could decide with any given task if it's a lost cause or worth trying, regardless of the actual reality and the actual chances of success. I reckon thinkin optimistically in a situation increases the odds of making it work dramatically.

But then again, most of us have our weaknesses, and for me, it's a headache. If I have a headache, I find it tremendously hard to think rationally or try my best or think positively or optimistically in a situation. So I went home, looked up some keto dessert recipes, and ended up making ice cream and caramel sauce and blondies and needless to say, the whole day went from bad to worse. (It's funny how easily you can lose your reason when in pain.)

Even though taking the rest of the day off came with some nasty side effects, and I perhaps should have just laid in bed and wait for the headache to pass, it doesn't mean taking a personal day or just taking it a little easier if you're finding it hard to be productive on some days is a bad idea. I warmly recommed you listen to your intuition and your body and your gut when it comes to this. Taking a little easier every once in a while when you feel like it, be it for just a couple of hours, pays off enormously if it prevents you from getting a burnout or a nervous breakdown, rendering you unable to function properly for months.

Especially for people like you who normally grind their butt off every day, taking it easy occasionally, particularly when you feel like you need it, is a splendid idea. Just remember: relaxation only looks good on those to whom it's not a natural state.