Spiderwebs | Philosophy in anything

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Today we shall talk about the little detail you hardly ever cross your paths with - because you're significantly larger and the detail is small and see-through. And when you do see one, you may feel disgusted or fascinated (or something else), depending on your character and individual preferences. Most likely, though, you won't think about its philosophical indications.

A spiderweb is a fiber structure constructed by a spider out of the web its body. It makes the web in places so that it covers an adequate plane in mid air, usually between two branches in a tree or a corner near the ceiling. The spider's agenda is to catch a fly, not noticing the see-through web, in it - and devour it for supper. (What a lovely story.)

When it comes to spiderwebs, the metaphorical philosophy I'm tapping into is the similarity of the web and some kind of opportunity. The spider is maximizing its potential profits (flies) by making its webs everywhere it can, hoping a human won't come and sweep it down. If the spider only made one web, the chances of supper are near zero.

Luckily for the spider, and for you, it's a numbers game!

The more webs the spider makes, the higher the probability of a large supper. And so, the more opportunities you jump in on, the more likely you are to succeed in at least one of them. If you only have one thing going on for you, the chances of success are low, and you live a modest life. But if you go with a thousand opportunities, you'll probably have multiple successes, and can have as much supper as you want.

You can make your life into anything, as long as you continue making webs.