Stop doing things that make you weak

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One of the first things I heard Jordan Peterson say was "stop saying things that make you weak." His voice was coming out of the car stereo speaker, transformed from the bits in the USB drive into sound waves traveling through the air into my ear, and he was referring to his experience with his daemon: the voice inside his head that told him right away if he was saying something that wasn't true or his to say. Right away I realized two things: one, that I wasn't the only one who felt a little off after speaking, and two, that I'd have to find out more about this Peterson guy. (Since then my fandom has, of course, grotesquely magnified.)

Then, a couple weeks ago, I was listening to a video where he was talking about how you should conduct yourself for a meaningful life, and he mentioned that you

  1. should tell the truth (or at least not lie), and
  2. should act in a way that is a direct consequence from telling the truth; meaning, you should act according to the truth you know.

Why is this relevant? Well, in order to have a meaningful life that you can proudly live, you have to only do things that you can talk about; and if you're doing things you're ashamed to talk about, you shouldn't do them.

I was at my grandma's funeral a year ago and was conversing with my cousins with whom I shared said grandma and they asked what I was doing these days and I said: "all kinds of things." I didn't want to say I did YouTube, or wrote in a blog (I dislike the word and call WIP an "online publication" instead), or mention any of the other projects I did then, because I didn't want to be labeled as a blogger or a youtuber - by them or, especially, by me. Not that there's anything wrong with either. I just don't identify with them, and I don't like the way they makes me feel.

Therefore, my point, a piece of advice for a meaningful life: stop doing things that make you weak, as well.

If what you are doing right now isn't something you would be proud of as your life's work, don't do it.

If you cannot talk with relatives about writing a blog or filming videos for YouTube, stop doing it.

If you do anything with your time that isn't in alignment with the highest self you wish to reach in life, don't do it.

Figure out the life's work you would be most proud of, and go after that.


P.S. Does this mean I have to kill Worth in Progress? Unless I can turn it into something I can talk about with pride, then yes.