Structure every month as if it were a year

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Here's the life paradigm I teased about earlier, the one according to which I've been living all year so far:

Structure every month as if it were a year.

What this means, practically speaking, is that the first week of every month is winter, the second is spring, the third is summer, and the fourth is autumn - and the Saturday after each autumn is Christmas. If the calendar month begins on one of the first three days of the week, that week is winter; and if the calendar month begins on one of the last four days of the week, that week is a gap week, and the next winter begins on the Monday after the gap week.

Very straightforward, even if I say so myself.

In the winters, I work in a casual and relaxed manner, just like I take it fairly easy in the seasonal winter.

In the springs, I work a litter harder, mainly just to keep myself busy (and to keep myself from dreading the upcoming summer).

In the summers, I increase the workload a little more, just to keep myself from thinking about summer.

In the autumns, I bust my butt to finish at least one major work project of that mini-year, so that I can earn Christmas.

At those mini-Christmases, I buy myself a present, typically Lego sets, as a reward for the completed project, just like seasonal Christmas is a reward for the completed work projects of the entire literal year.

Gap weeks are opportunities to try a mini-project of a more whimsical nature, or to watch a high quality TV miniseries.

This system, this life paradigm, is the primary reason I have managed to get TONS of shit done this year, unlike previous years, when I would delay all meaningful work until seasonal autumn. This year, I have had eight autumns already - ergo, I have gotten the equivalent of eight years' worth of work done in the first eight months of this year alone.

(Well, maybe not eight years' worth, but significantly more at least.)

This paradigm has been such a massive success that I have to

  1. continue it for the rest of my life, and
  2. definitely write a book about it.

Remind me to tell you all about those Lego sets I've bought this year - and about one special mini-Christmas present I bought last spring that has kept me, well, happily occupied for a few months now...