Suddenly, I'm so into DIY

. 2 min read

Ever since I bought a rug in the library room in my home, I haven't been much into decorating. It's probably because I haven't subjected myself to any decor influences. I don't read blogs about home decor. I don't watch decor videos.

...that is until, a week ago or so, I found The Sorry Girls on Youtube and realized how cool it would be to DIY whatever furniture or decor you wanted in your home.

So what did I do? I rearranged the fairy lights in my bathroom - it looks like a night sky now. I also hung a pouch, made of an old pillow case and metal wire, on the inside of the bathroom door to keep my blow-dryer at hand. I went to Ikea and bought those 2-dollar wooden shelf supports, planning on waxing them and attaching them to the office wall. I bought a clock (also for the office), some plastic plants (office), and a 5-dollar stool to turn into a chic cushioned stool (a DIY I saw on Youtube).

I took an old shelf I found lying in a corner from home to the office and painted it black. I waxed the 2-dollar supports a couple of times. I hung the clock. I made a serious effort to cut out a round piece from a narrow rectangular cheap foam mattress (for the stool, you know), and cursed heavens for the lack of fabric for the finishing. Then I realized what a task all this would be, and also that I'd left the screwdriver and screws at home. I thought about giving up.

But somehow I didn't.

And now I have everything I could possibly need - the screws and the driver, more fabric, white paint, a brush, waxed shelf supports, more plastic plants from Ikea - ready to take with me to the office tomorrow morning to finish what I started. Turned out that if you spread the task over a few days, it won't feel as overwhelming as it would if you pressured yourself to do everything at once.

Lesson learned: DIYing is fun, as long as you do it with enthusiasm. If the joy starts to fade, continue tomorrow.