Suiting up

. 2 min read

How do you dress? Do you have a style? Is dressing yourself something you do mindlessly - just throwing on whatever you hand touches first in the closet - or do you select your outfit carefully?

And do you know why this matters?

How you dress is a part of your identity. If you dress yourself quickly and mindlessly, it tells one of two things: that you have more important things to worry about than your outfit, OR that you don't know the psychological effect your outfit has on you. Chances are that you glance at yourself in the mirror at least a few times a day. What do you want to see? Someone who looks composed and professional and who rules the world, or someone who doesn't have his shit together, who looks a little dirty, and who barely makes meets end, if even that?

I had to wake myself up to this after editing (and publishing) a few videos for the Worth in Progress YouTube channel in which I looked a little uncomposed. I didn't wear any makeup, and I showed up at the office in my workout clothes. I didn't look professional in those videos. I looked like someone who didn't know what she was talking about.

So I decided to pull myself up and start paying attention on the clothes I wore every day and what I did to my general appearance. I started wearing makeup and choosing my outfit so that it looked professional and coherent and stylish. I started washing my hair more often so I could have it down to look better.

And now, every time I see a glimpse of myself in whatever reflecting surface, I see a person who can and will. I see a person who knows exactly how to do it. I see a person who cannot be stopped.

So comb your hair, shave your beard, and wear clothes that fit the person you want to be and become. Buy a nice watch. Invest in some quality clothes, shoes, bags, and sunglasses. They might cost a little more, but if you choose the color and materials carefully, the pieces will fit together stylishly and they'll also last a lot longer than those cheap H&M rags.

Suit up. Look in the mirror. Notice the difference in your psyche.