Super excited about some stuff!

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Just dropping in to tell you I'm getting so excited about all kinds of things. Because! There are so many things! I can't help it! Naturally I decided to make a mental - and now also written and published - list of all those exciting things so you could get excited as well, if not about the same things as I, then about whatever rocks your boat. Because being excited about things is awesome. And exciting. And it makes life so much better! So here goes!

Stuff I'm super excited about right now!

1. Christmas. Don't look at me like that - I know it's still far ahead but in two weeks, it'll be 200 days! I can't help it. My mind wonders. I think about last Christmas and how wonderful it was and how I could make this year's Christmas better. Which decorations I'd like. What I'd like to cook. How I'd like to spend my time. Which Harry Potter themed ASMR video I'd have on when reading a good book. How much eggnog I can drink on a given day. But honestly, the wait is the best part about Christmas, and the earlier you begin waiting, the longer the best part will last!

2. My mental health. I'm not 100 % sure what has caused this - it could be all the green that the nature had been putting out lately, or the sunshine, or even the temperature - but I've got a strong hunch that my diet has something to do with my excellent mood lately. As mentioned before, I currently eat meat-based, and ever since I started this relatively new diet, I've been feeling awesome. I'm energetic and optimistic and full of life and I really enjoy writing articles here and shooting videos and all my other projects. Usually when I eat badly I tend to have a crappy mood as well, so I suppose this is my body's way of telling me I'm doing something right with my diet.

3. Writing. I recently finished another book (technically a novella, but who's counting) and it turned out better than my previous novel, mainly because for the first time in a long time I decided to let the story turn out as it wanted to turn out, without me trying to make it longer than it wants to be. I've had this fixation for years now that in order to be a real writer, I need to write full length novels (aka over 50 000 words), and this resulted in bad writing, bad storylines, bad everything. But the truth is that you can publish your story regardless of the length, and I've finally learned to let go and let the story become as long, or short, as it likes.

And that's it - my list of the recent most awesome and exciting things that have kept me excited about life lately. And this is only recently; a list of everything I'm excited about would be a lot longer!

What does your list look like?