The Beth Harmon mentality

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You know how I like talking about life, right? Talking about it, writing about it, listening to others talk about it. Yeah. So when YouTube decided to push this video by Mel Robbins to me today, I clicked on it. After all, the title has the words "how to live" in it.

In the video, she talks about how to live for yourself, instead of others. She gives three pieces of advice:

  1. Say "no" to at least one thing every day.
  2. Act like the person you wish to become.
  3. If you don't know how to do act like the person you wish to become, pick someone whose behavior you could copy and ask yourself regularly, "what would this person do?"

She suggests you copy her if you want to stop being a people pleaser. But I immediately thought of someone else.

Beth Harmon from The Queen's Gambit.

Am I right or what?!

She's like the ultimate badass who's both extremely able and super ballsy. The things that I worry about - she wouldn't give them a second thought. She would never overanalyze her diet; she would just eat whatever she felt like eating. She would not let anyone tell her what to do with her life, and moreover, she seems like she has never ever questioned her purpose in life. She plays chess, period. That's the only path. Considering other alternatives would be pointless.

She does whatever she wants and devotes her time only to things she considers to be worth her time. Nothing else matters.

I love this mentality.

I think it would do me good to start asking myself, "what would Beth Harmon do?" whenever I feel weird or start to question my choices.

Me: Should I cut everything but eggs and butter from my diet again?
Beth: I don't give a fuck. I eat whatever I want.

Me: Should I get a "real" job again?
Beth: Fuck that. I just want to play chess.

Me: What about creating a life's work?
Beth: Being the best chess player is my life's work.

Me: What about money?
Beth: I don't play for money. There are always ways to get it whenever I need more.

Me: How do I cultivate an identity?
Beth: Be as weird as you can.

If nothing more, I think this would be a very powerful psychological experience. (And if it doesn't work out, I can always go back to being meek and obedient - or rather, learn to become meek and obedient.)

Let's give it a try.