The good world / bad world problem and how to solve it

. 1 min read

You know how on some days, the world seems like a good place, where everything is fair and awesome and you could just sit and bask in the knowledge that everything is just right and beautiful and interesting and detailed?

Those days, you love everything and everyone and have completely forgotten what resentment or guilt or hate feels like. It's like they never existed. There's just the perfect now.

But then there are days when your ability to see beauty and meaning and rightness is blocked as if by a fog. The world, life, existence - they all seem empty. The future holds nothing. You're stuck in time and space. You find it hard to enjoy the moment, or relax, and negative feelings like depression or guilt dominate your state.

While I fear that having the first scenario all day, every day, might take the magic out of it, I don't like the second scenario at all. Like, at all at all. It's such a hopeless state. You completely forget how good things could be, and you can't just think yourself into that better state.

So what do you do? How do you solve this?

Here's my advice: distract yourself. More specifically: work.

If it's a good day and the world is a good and perfect place, enjoy it. Take in the moment. Bask in the divine glory. Let go to the moment.

If it's a bad day and the world seems meaningless, make a list of all the things you could and should and want to get done today, and get grinding. Working your butt off and getting things done in the finishfinishfinish mentality is a sure way to get your spirit up.

Have a good day to start with, or make the day good with the purifying effect of hard work.

Either way, you'll have an amazing day.