The Latest (and Most Awesome) Things

. 2 min read

Hello! (Yes, I'm having a glass of champagne again, thus the cheery mood; sue me.)

Because summer is coming to an end soon - finally - I'm feeling more optimistic than what has been the norm for me the past eight or nine weeks. I can feel the autumn in the air, in the wind, in the smell of the trees after a rain (don't get me started on the rain!) - and because it's been a drier-than-usual summer, some trees have already dropped their leaves. So it even looks like autumn. Almost.

Anyway! I'm excited and optimistic and inspired, and therefore, here's my list of the latest and most awesome things:

  1. Peanuts. I don't like the human characters that much, but Snoopy? Woodstock? Are you kidding me?! They are the cutest and smartest and most heartwarming (and heartbreaking) of characters! The look on Woodstock's face after he's scored a goal in a hockey game is literally me. (Also how cool is Joe Cool?)
  2. You (the Netflix series). I already touched on this in the Monday post this week, but it's worth mentioning again. The first season was pure gold - and to be honest, I thought the second season would be a huge disappointment, but it's yet to prove to be one. I mean - how could chopping a body into pieces with butcher's knives be bad television? (It's like The Tell-Tale Heart and Crime and Punishment... yet without the same consequences... so perhaps Joe is one of those above-conventional-law people Raskolnikov hypothesizes about?)
  3. Champagne. Yes, the fanciest stuff from France. I've developed a real taste for it. Needs no explanation.
  4. The Count of Monte Cristo (the original book and definitely not the French miniseries from 1998). The book is beyond epic! (And the miniseries gets the whole character of Dant├Ęs wrong!) I feel like I will think about the book, and especially the protagonist, for years to come. The story such a slow burn epic tale that I can barely take it.
  5. The rain. This is corny, I know. But I really love it. It invigorates the life force within me. (For proof, check out this video from last May, before the infernally hot summer began.)

Overall, I'm seriously happy right now. Work is going great, I'm writing more than in a while, I'm drunk on champagne at least once a week nowadays (haha!), and the most epic of autumns is about to start - a season full of work and enjoying the best weather; the perfect prequel for the best Christmas of all time.

Have an awesome weekend!


P.S. 6. Ice cold baths. Seriously, if you haven't tried them, try them. The euphoria that comes afterwards is amazing and totally worth it.