The path of least resistance

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In July 2019, I talked about two opposing ideologies: going against resistance and the path of least resistance. Back then I think I was kind of inclined to believe more in the Steven Pressfield point of view, meaning, that to find what's meaningful you should look at what you're procrastinating to do; for which activities you feel the most resistance.

Then lately I've been studying the law of attraction where one of the fundamental ideas is that everything should be easy and effortless and you should let go and let the current take you where you're meant to go. You should only do things you feel like doing, things that give you joy. You should act on impulses.

So what gives? How to resolve the issue?

Since the law of attraction has guided me to so many amazing things (the office and everything in it, the new mentality, happiness, optimism, money, you name it), I'm nowadays more inclined to allow the path of least resistance to take me where I need to go. And you know what? It's kind of fun. I had struggled with some of my long form fiction stories, so I've allowed myself believe that this is because I'm meant to write poetry at the moment - a form that comes easily to me.

As a result, I've written some of my best poetry ever.

While I'm still hoping to get back to a place where long form fiction writing comes easily and effortlessly and resistance-free to me, the thought of writing mainly poetry for the rest of my life sounds pretty awesome, too. Perhaps the key is to let go of the idea of the struggle, and let whatever may come, come. Easily and effortlessly.

After all, you can get a whole lot further doing something you're inclined to do and you have fun doing, than doing something that's a constant fight.