The perfect way to cheer oneself up

. 3 min read

I don’t like to use the word ‘hate’. I fear it might affect my mood in a negative way. I rather use ‘dislike’ when describing things I have hate-like feelings for. Then again, ‘dislike’ isn’t exactly the same as ‘hate’. I’d use ‘wrath’ if it were a verb. But alas, it isn’t.

So perhaps you understand what I mean when I say I ‘dislike’ summer and warm weather. Living in a country that experiences a cold winter, people here seem to generally love summer and the warmth especially. Sometimes I feel like I’m literally the only one who doesn’t. But, I mean, how can they like the heat? Aren’t the downsides so obvious? You can’t go running. You can’t concentrate on working. If you stay indoors, it gets too hot. If you go outside and enjoy the possibility of a wind blowing on your face, you get either a sunburn or a sunstroke or both. Clothing sticks nastily on your sweaty body.

Okay, enough of this whining already. The point is that if you’re like me and don’t enjoy warm summers (cold and rainy summers are more than fine, though), or something else has caused you to feel down (there can also be another reason besides the weather, even if I really can’t think of any right now), there’s a way to cheer yourself up.

Have a Christmas.

Yes, Christmas. Or any other festive holiday of your preference. Because, when you think of it, absolutely nothing is stopping you from having it.

So a few weeks back, to divert my focus from the dislikable season, I organized a Christmas party. Namely to celebrate the occasion of 200 days till actual Christmas. (This was a lousy excuse, I just wanted to feel wintery. Plus Christmas carols always cheer me up.) So I put on appropriate music, fetched a small plastic tree from the basement and decorated it with ornaments, bought and gift-wrapped little presents and placed them under the tree, baked Christmas food (cinnamon rolls, carrot cake, everything), and made a Christmas card. I even contemplated making a gingerbread house but couldn’t find gingerbread dough in any store. (It may have had something to do with the time of the year.) The event included opening the presents, eating the food, and watching a Christmas themed movie (The Polar Express). Later, I made coffee spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg and watched a long fireplace video on Youtube while sitting down on a comfortable chair and sipping the delicious beverage.

I’m telling about this in a very romantic fashion because that’s what it was. It was so relaxing. I enjoyed the cooking and the card-making and the gift-wrapping enormously. I sang along with the carols and couldn’t help smiling, partly because of the happy feeling I had, partly because I knew very well how silly my actions would have seemed to a stranger who only celebrates Christmas in December, if even then. (Mind you, there are people who positively hate, I mean dislike Christmas, can you believe it?)

So what happened? Was I labeled crazy? Did the police arrive at my door, arrest me, declare me mentally unstable and lock me in an asylum? Or was I executed like Josef K.?

No - I enjoyed the day, and in the evening I took the ornaments and the tree back to the basement and put the gift wraps to the trash. Some of the food got left over for the next (two) day(s). I went to bed, slept peacefully, and woke up the next morning energized and ready for work despite the weather.

So if you like, say, Easter, and you’d like a picker-upper, I suggest you get chocolate eggs (if not in a local store then order them online) and eat those while painting Easter eggs and organizing an egg hunt. You could also have an Easter bunny figure somewhere as decoration. And something pastel-colored. Or if you love Halloween (another good one!), it doesn’t matter if it’s not autumn - just dim the lights, find some sort of pumpkin (there are other varieties available all year round), carve it, make pumpkin pie, dress up as a ghost, and watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. And so on. You can literally do this to any holiday.

Do it, and soon enough, you’ll feel more positive. And if you fear being labeled crazy, don’t worry, no one has to know.